Spiked Shoes Handy Hint

The next handy hint is with spiked shoes. Now, you've seen me wearing them in videos. I'm a big fan of being able to walk on a floor because of the long working time.

Now, not everyone's going to be familiar with spiked shoes. So, these particular ones here are rigid, not particularly the safest things to wear, so you have to be pretty careful in how you walk on a floor. You can't make any sudden turns and the like.

But most importantly, with any of these spiked shoes, is to keep them clean. And you saw, if you watch carefully in one of the videos, how I'd fallen victim to my own sayings. I hadn't cleaned it and I got caught on the floor, and it deposited some old epoxy onto my product and I had to pick it out.

Now, this is a rigid model, which means that you always have to keep checking that the bolts aren't going to come undone. There are flexible models, and then I actually do also like the spiked shoes, which is like the golf shoes with the metal spikes.

They're much more comfortable, but you can't wear steel cap boots with them, of course.

But spiked shoes, they're the best thing as far as solvent epoxy is concerned. A great handy hint.