EPOXY SCHOOL Testimonials

If you’re genuinely interested in learning more about epoxy flooring, I have no doubt the Epoxy Flooring Start-up Course is the perfect course for you.

You don’t have to take my word for it though. Here’s just a sample of what others have said from all over the world:

“I think the course was well done. The information was broken down into easily accessible concepts.
The instructional delivery was at an easy-to-follow pace.
I appreciated the videos and hand-outs. Thank you!”

- Tom, United States

“This course was very helpful for me and would be for many more out there
looking to learn more about epoxy flooring and the Why's? It has help me
understand much more meaning to the flooring industry.”

- Chris, Canada


- Keith, United States

“Excelente! Please Jack, when do you think you would have next advanced course!
A few questions I have, since I live in Canada, which applies for
the states for that matter. Some products or bases might not be the same.
I lived in AU for 6 years (Sydney) and much of the lingo I knew. I am Spanish though?
Loved the course!! Thanks so much and keep us posted on the next course!!”


- Angel, Canada

“It seemed to be very thorough. I am going to start doing jobs in
the next couple of weeks so we will see how things go.”

- William, United States

“Very good, full of info, answered a lot of questions.”

- Wesley, Australia

“I found this course introduced me to many areas of epoxies that I have often
come up against in my own work. I mainly do flake flooring side of epoxies along with
grind and clear coat finishes. This course has given me great insight to the
more artistic and decorative options available along with all the correct procedures
and the do's and dont's related to all the procedures of epoxy coating.”

- Dave, Australia

- Norberto, Italy

“Very good and informative, there were some questions where I found
it difficult to find the correct answers but all in all it was very straight forward
and easy to understand.”

- Peter, Australia

“Very thorough and informative course.”

- Jason, United States

- Ben, Australia

“Fantastic course, I found it both inspiring and informative. There’s so much
valuable information here and feel better educated in all things
epoxies and resin after taking this course.”

- Peter, Ireland

“Very informative, thanks Jack!”

- Danny, Australia.

“Very informative course and well laid out material.”

- Claude, Canada.

If you want to be like these people and many others taking big steps towards a successful career in epoxy flooring, hit the Get Started button below and get going today!