Epoxy Flooring Start-up Course

Welcome to the Epoxy Flooring Start-up Course!

Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of people starting out in the resin flooring industry struggle because there was simply no suitable training for them. In addition to those that struggled, I know there are many more that never got started at all!

The aim of the Epoxy Flooring Start-up Course is to change that by teaching start-up contractors the fundamentals of resin flooring through the most widely used technology – solventless two-pack epoxies.

From substrate assessment through to stunning decorative systems and beyond, I’ve put together a selection of training material that follows the latest international resin flooring framework and provides aspiring contractors with an affordable platform to start building their application career.

For just US$249, the online course is packed with value for money, including 6 hours of video, advanced assessment capability and a certificate of completion for you to show off at the end.

Find out more by clicking on the Get Started button at the bottom of the page and get your epoxy flooring career off to the right start!

Take care and keep smiling,

Jack Josephsen
Real World Epoxies Managing Director & Epoxy School Founder

"Fantastic course, I found it both inspiring and informative. There’s so much valuable information here and feel better educated in all things epoxies and resin after taking this course.”
- Peter, Ireland.


“Very informative, thanks Jack!”
- Danny, Australia.

“5 stars out of 5!”
- Peter, Australia.

“Very informative course and well laid out material.”
- Claude, Canada.

“This course has given me great insight to the more artistic and decorative options available, along with all the correct procedures and the do's and dont's related to epoxy coating.”
- Dave, Australia.

Course Summary

Task 1 – Epoxy Flooring Introduction

Task 2 – Substrate Assessment

Task 3 – Substrate Preparation

Task 4 – Substrate Repair

Task 5 – Substrate Priming

Task 6 – Thin-film Rollcoats

Task 7 – Broadcast Systems

Task 8 – Self-level Systems

Task 9 – Trowel-applied Systems

Task 10 – High-build Decorative Systems

Task 11 – Joints

Task 12 – Troubleshooting

Task 13 – Sales and Maintenance

Total Resources = 39 – 13 reading tasks and 26 videos
Total Video Time = 5 hr: 56 min: 31 sec
Total Assessment = 59 questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the courses suitable for?

Anyone at the start of their epoxy flooring career! The training videos place a strong emphasis on teaching good habits and the “why”, not just the “how”, behind epoxy flooring.

How long do I gain access to the courses for?

Once you pay for a course you have immediate access to the content for as long as you like. This allows start-up contractors to learn at their own pace and refresh what they’ve learnt whenever they need to, even after they’ve finished the assessment!

How is the material delivered?

The training course is primarily video based, however some of the topics are covered in text and require reading.

Fill out the Get Started form at the bottom of the page and you’ll be sent a copy of the course outline, which contains a full list of the course content, learning objectives and assessment.

What about hands-on training? Are videos enough?

Over the years we've provided hands-on epoxy training courses as well as online courses and feel both have limitations.

With one-day courses, the main issues are content depth and retention, i.e. there's only so much you can teach in one day and most of it has been forgotten in a week anyway. Not only that, but the value of these courses can suffer if not all of the material is relevant to everyone involved.

With online training videos, the obvious downfall is gaining hands-on experience with the products involved. It's very hard to learn properly by watching an expert quickly splash around products while dropping a few tips here and there.

We feel the best way to learn is through a combination of both. The videos in the Epoxy Flooring Start-up Course are based on the one-day courses we've conducted in the past, containing a strong hands-on element that encourages participants to practice what they've learnt along the way via sampleboards. The best thing is if you forget what you've learnt at any stage you can easily jump back online and refresh your memory!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of enrolling and we’ll give you a full refund.

I have done the start-up course, what is the next level of training?

A full resin flooring trade course with theoretical and practical assessment is currently being developed. Click on the course button in the tool bar above to find out more.

⇒  For more information on Epoxy School training courses, email  info@epoxyschool.com