The key to epoxy success is knowledge!

Unfortunately, getting your hands on this knowledge is the extremely difficult because the resin flooring industry isn’t a trade and there are no formal training options for its members.

So how can epoxy contractors and those entering the industry learn how to do resin floors properly?

You can do it the hard way and learn on the run, but it’s a rough road that takes a long time, costs you a heap of money and, at the end of it all, might lead to nowhere.

You can acquire someone else’s knowledge by employing them, but that comes at a large cost and highly qualified people don’t grow on trees.

You can even spend countless hours scouring the internet to see what you can grab for free, but that stuff only scratches the surface of what you really need to know.

Attending hands-on training courses is a popular choice, however they can be very expensive when you add up travel, accommodation and time away from work. Not only that, you forget most of what you learnt by the time you get home!

All-in-all, none of those options are either suitable or practical for most small businesses. So what other ways are there?

Well, the best way to learn about epoxies, I believe, is right here at Epoxy School.

If you really want to understand how to do resin flooring well and give your career a massive boost, the online training courses available give you real-world knowledge for just a fraction of the price compared to those other options.

For just a few hundred dollars you can gain all the knowledge you need to make $1000s!

Best of all, the training is heavily based on drafts of a future international resin flooring framework and exposes students to all elements of resin flooring – from surface preparation to product selection and thin-film rollcoats to 5mm+ trowel-applied flooring.  

If you’re still not convinced, I’ve included a short preview from the course to show you what the epoxy training is all about:  

So now I have another question: “What are you waiting for?”

Jump onto the Courses page today and sign up for some high-quality epoxy training that I guarantee will make a difference!

I look forward to seeing you inside!

Take care and keep smiling,

Jack Josephsen
Epoxy School

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the courses suitable for?

All epoxy users! The training videos place a strong emphasis on teaching good habits and the “why”, not just the “how”, behind resin flooring. No matter what your level of experience, we guarantee you'll benefit from our courses.

How long do I gain access to the courses for?

Once you pay for a course you have immediate access to the content for as long as you like. This allows epoxy users to learn at their own pace and refresh what they’ve learnt whenever they need to.

How is the material delivered?

The training courses are primarily video based, however some of the topics are covered in text and do require some reading.

What about hands-on training? Are videos enough?

Over the years we've provided traditional hands-on epoxy training courses as well as online courses and feel both have limitations.

With one-day courses, the main issues are content depth and retention, i.e. there's only so much you can teach in one day and most of it has been forgotten in a week anyway. Not only that, but the value of these courses can suffer if not all of the material is relevant to everyone involved.

With online training videos, the obvious downfall is gaining hands-on experience with the products involved. It's very hard to fully grasp every aspect of application by watching an expert quickly splash around products while dropping a few tips here and there.

We feel the best way to learn is through a combination of both. The videos we offer are based on the one-day courses we've conducted in the past, containing a strong hands-on element that encourages participants to practice what they've learnt along the way via sampleboards. The best thing is if you forget what you've learnt at any stage you can easily jump back online and refresh your memory!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days of enrolling and we’ll give you a full refund.

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