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A little about the author:

Jack Josephsen is a practical thinker and brings a unique real-world perspective to every epoxy field - from residential flooring to off-shore repairs.

He also knows what it takes to run a successful business in the modern world of coatings. His company, Real World Epoxies, prides itself on manufacturing epoxies that perform in the field and is passionate about linking industry know how to provide consumers, contractors and suppliers with greater clarity, direction and confidence.

A couple of years ago he published his first book, a 210-page epoxy contractor handbook titled: “Finally, real answers for real contractors – Industrial Flooring”, which is available through NACE and Amazon. It was written as a way to provide real answers for real contractors striving for better results with epoxy flooring. You know, all the good stuff that doesn't get covered by glossy text books or one-day training courses.

Find out why it's received 5-star reviews and have been endorsed by major industry bodies by grabbing a copy for yourself.

What people are saying about the book:

"This a great book for everyone involved in seamless flooring and coating installations. Understanding the process, materials and environment are key to successful installation and performance satisfaction. Owners and specifiers of seamless floors and coatings can gain a better understanding of the correct details required to help make tough decisions as to the best products and installers for their applications."
- Tom Murphy, former Director of Sales, Concrete Restoration and Protection, Adhesives Technology Corporation

"I love what you’ve written and I only hope enough read it. Everyone in the flooring industry needs to read it.”

- Hayden Wills, retired flooring manufacturer and formulator.

“I definitely gleaned valued insights and feel both seasoned pros or contractors just starting out would benefit from the diverse wealth of information covered.”
- Lindy Ausburne, High Definition Concrete Consulting, 30+ years hands-on experience and technical expertise.

 Tech Notes & GUIDANCE


Decorative Surfaces Limitations and Exclusions (HDCC)
Epoxy Basics (Real World Epoxies)



4 Easy Preparation Steps (UCoat It)
Epoxy Solutions: Hot-Tire Pickup (UCoat It)
Epoxy Solutions: Managing Maintenance (UCoat It)

Floor Maintenance


Handy Grinding Guide (APE)
Diamond Grind Guide (APE)

Moisture in Concrete (Ardex)
How to Moisture Test Concrete Floors (Concrete Construction)
Concrete Floor Preparation Guide (Floorex)
Concrete Grinding Technical Reference (Floorex)
Technical Reference - Preparation, Mixing, Conversion (Floorex)
A Guide to Acid Etching (Gulf Coast Paint MFG)

Product Specific Application Notes

Jaxxon - 1500 Series
Jaxxon - Non-slip Floor
West System - User Manual 2012 Part 1

Product Specific Preparation Notes

Jaxxon - Surface Preparation


Flooring Application Handy Hints

Clean Mixing Paddle (Floorchef)
Cleaning Spiked Roller (Floorchef)
Cotton Gloves (Floorchef)
De-linting Rollers (Floorchef)
Dust Mop (Floorchef)
Plastic Booties (Floorchef)
Solvent Squirter Bottles (Floorchef)
Spiked Shoes (Floorchef)
Taping Knee Pads (Floorchef)


Resin Jack - Problem Solving for Resin Flooring Businesses
Resin Flooring International - Establishing Standards, Best Practices and Training
The Resin Flooring Association FeRFA (UK) - Publications and Guidance Notes
Bartell Global - Surface Preparation Resources