Resin flooring framework - feedback wanted on substrate repair

With the Resin Flooring Network website launched and the 3-month review period for the draft framework underway, I’ve put together a series of posts aimed at encouraging input from industry stakeholders.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting the core elements of the draft framework so that everyone can see what the training program looks like so far and, more importantly, how they might contribute to developing it further.

The third element is substrate repair, with the proposed Scope, Key Learning Outcomes, Theoretical Assessment Criteria and Practical Assessment Criteria detailed below.

A patching compound being used to repair a concrete slab.

Substrate Repair


Surface preparation often involves the application of epoxies and other products to repair, re-level and even re-shape the floor before a resin floor is applied. This module takes a look at different forms of this preparation, including patching, levelling, in-fills, drains, transitions to other floor finishes and coving.

Key Learning Outcomes

To be able to effectively repair, re-level and re-shape the substrate in readiness for resin flooring application.

Theoretical Assessment Criteria


  • The product selection and application process for patching minor divots, chips and/or shrinkage cracks.
  • The product selection and application process for repairing large static cracks and/or in-filling saw cuts.
  • The product selection and application process for building ramps.
  • The product selection and application process for coving.
  • The product selection and application process for transitions.

    Practical Assessment Criteria


    • The effective application of suitable products in each of the flooring tasks listed above.

    We want your feedback!

    This draft is intended as a starting point for discussion only and we welcome honest feedback from all stakeholders – the good, the bad and the ugly! If you’d like to suggest any changes or additions to improve this element of training, please add your comment on the dedicated Resin Flooring Network page –

    Take care and keep smiling,